Harambee University

We have started online MBA Program! 


We provide training through TVET, Undergraduate and graduate programs to create a robust and sustainable presence for Higher Education in Ethiopia.


We conduct high quality Business, Technology, clinical, health services and community based researches. We have an organizations environment that facilitates effective undertaking of research activities.

Community Service

We aim to provide a high quality, research driven and evidence based community Service. Our service provision is aligned with national and international standards.

Transforming Life Through Quality Education!

More than 1000 Staff from Around the World.


Post Graduate

Masters of Business Administration, MSc in Project Management, MSc in Accounting and Finance.

Business and Economics

Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Economics, Marketing Management, Management.


Nursing, Public Health, Midwives, Pharmacy.


Computer Science and Management Information System

Distance Learning

Accounting and Finance, Management and Economics.


Accounting, AOST, HRM, Database Administration, Hardware and Software System, Nursing, Pharmacy, Surveying, Veterinary.

Mr. Feyissa Ararssa ( Founder & CEO of Harambee Business Group)

Our Motto

Transforming Life Through Quality Education.

18+ Years Of Experience in the Education Sector!

Our university tries to foster a true exposure to the academic and real work environment you will encounter in the future and cope up with the challenges of the world, hopefully, these exposures will help you to embark on a journey that provides you an ample opportunity for your growth and development in your carrier. Your stay in our university will mark a remarkable achievement which will give you an opportunity to continue your further education.

Community Services

Transforming Life Through Quality Education.

It’s cognizant that conducting research, rendering community service, and enhancing University-Industry Linkage are the three major responsibilities of Ethiopian higher academic institutions besides academic performance. Accordingly, Harambee University, as a private academic institution, has exclusively been engaged in conducting research and publication, providing community services, and linking its university to its associated industries in various areas since 2016.


We have started Online MBA Program!