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Harambee University has certified 11 academic staff on their successful completion of training on Higher Diploma Program (HDP).
The University approved that the trained academic staff acquired the competency for teaching in Higher Education Institutions. The training was based on four modules namely: Understanding Higher Education, Managing Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Action Research and Placement in Organizations.
Primarily the program was designed by the Ministry of Education to enable the academic staff of the public higher education institutions:
– Identify their needs and become professional, reflective teachers demonstrating high standards
of professional ethics
-Demonstrate adequate awareness of higher education environments, and the evolving changes
and needs to improve academic programs
-Develop teaching skills based on sound theoretical knowledge and experience
-Serve as a role model for effective teaching and contribute to institutional and community development
-Provide high quality learning experience for students
-Engage in action research, collaborative learning and team work and
-Adopt inclusive approach in teaching-learning
Cognizant of the advantages of this program, Harambee University began implementing the scheme since 2020/21 academic year. Since then 20 academic staff were qualified. This makes the University the only private higher education institution that provides HDP to its academic staff in Ethiopia. The University would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to Dr Fetene Regassa and Dr.Lemma Dadhi who were trying the level best in leading the program, facilitating the training sessions and assessing the candidates according to the set criteria.
August 25, 2022
Harambee University/Adama

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