Office of V/President for Research, Community Service and University-Industry Linkage memo

It’s cognizant that conducting research, rendering community service, and enhancing University-Industry Linkage are the three major responsibilities of Ethiopian higher academic institutions besides academic performance. Accordingly, Harambee University, as a private academic institution, has exclusively been engaged in conducting research and publication, providing community services, and linking its university to its associated industries in various areas since 2016. Office of the Vice President for Research and community service's mission is to advance knowledge and serve the community through research, erudition, creative arts, and innovation to enable discoveries that enrich and alleviate social ills and improve lives. The office is responsible for the strategic vision for research, community service, and University-Industry Linkage, developing and executing initiatives to accomplish the vision, as well as the various compliance and support areas.

Accordingly, the number of concerned clients involved in research and community services, as well as university-industry linkage, is enormously increasing. Consequently, the efficient performances of research and publication, university-industry linkage, and community services of Harambee University are broadening from year to year thereby increasing the beneficiaries of the accomplishments.

In this instance, various research and community service endeavors have unswervingly been undertaken in the university. For instance, it successfully conducted two national research symposiums and three in-house research seminars on the conference thematic area, “Emerging Issues in Business, Economics, ICT and Health” in the specified segment of academic years. In accordance with this archetype, our UG and PG students, our academic staff, and other academic institutions (both private and public) professionals and researchers have successfully presented and published their innovative research applications, theoretical contributions, carefully evaluated empirical papers and a variety of multidisciplinary research works. Accordingly, so far it has published three books of abstracts, two research conference proceedings, and four journals in its journal entitled, Harambee Journal of Business, Technology, and Health (JoBTH).

Moreover, research as a professional scientific process; need to pass through a number of activities like prioritizing research themes, idea initiation, proposal development, reviewing, granting, executing, monitoring and evaluation, and dissemination.   Based on the national policy, directives, and strategic plan of Harambee University, academic units, and our office shall set short and long-term research outline in consultation with stakeholders and customers implementing the research output.

Our technology innovation support directorate also enriches innovators’ ability to innovate by offering services like Access to online patent and non-patent(scientific and technical) resources and publications, Access to industrial property-related publications, Training in a database search, Monitoring technology, and competitors, Providing  basic information on industrial property laws, management and strategy, technology commercialization and marketing, Gives innovators easy access to locally based high-quality technology information and related services, Helps innovators to exploit their innovative potential, Helps them to create, protect and manage their tasks

The office mainly facilitates and supports linkages, transfer, and commercialization of technologies (developed, improved/modified, or adopted) by staff and students by cultivating manufacturing pathways for emerging technologies to improve the performance of industries and the welfare of the community at large. This helps in transferring fundamental knowledge and specific technologies developed at the university and intensifies the Capabilities and accomplishments of the university which also creates good opportunities for collaborating with the community.

To this angle, the office inspires to initiate, undertake and promote high-quality research adhering to strict ethical codes to potentially cover issues that have an impact on the Social, Economical and Technical developments of the Public and Private sectors in the country. The office also aspires to transfer the fundamental knowledge and specific technologies developed at the university and intensify the Capabilities and accomplishments of the university which also creates good opportunities for collaborating with the community.

Major Duties and responsibilities of the Office of V/President for Research, Community Service, and University-Industry Linkage

  • Identify thematic research areas, and update these overtimes in consultation with Scientific Research Committee
  • Coordinate and facilitate innovative research activities
  • Build and provide sufficient support for researchers to enhance research capacity at the university, and to increase internal and external research funding opportunities for researchers.
  • Develop comprehensive research policies, guidelines, and administrative procedures, and supervise their proper implementation
  • Develop research and development and innovation plan
  • Act as the link between the university and the community with respect to research initiatives of mutual benefit
  • Evaluate existing research capacity and identify gaps and priority areas for capacity building,
  • Coordinate budgeting of research, check regular progress of research undertaking, and promote performance evaluation process in different colleges/campuses,
  • Support and facilitate collaborative research programs with donors and funding agencies.
  • Lead planning, organizing, supervising, and monitoring of all research activities coordinated by faculty researchers, &coordinators of research centers, of the university,
  • Develop appropriate incentive schemes, and establish award criteria in the University for researchers,
  • Design strategy (set plan) for the establishment of core laboratories, research facilities and superintend implementation of the plans
  • Manage the research plan effectively and efficiently, ensuring that accepted standards of research and ethical behavior are met,
  • Organize plans, and prepare reports on research activities in the three faculties of the University.
  • Establish University-Industry linkage
  • Coordinate the University-industry linkage and technology transfer activities.
  • Establish the University-industry linkage and technology transfer database.
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the University-industry linkage and technology transfer activities.
  • Prepare and document strategic and action plans, reports, program budgets, and working guidelines.
  • Facilitate capacity-building training related to University-industry linkage and technology transfer issues for the university community.
  • Facilitate and strengthen the student internship program/industrial attachment and Externship program
  • Assess the community/industry demand and design a strategy to bring solutions to their problem.
  • Participate in national and international workshops, consortium, conferences, and training
  • Prepare a memorandum of understanding with a sister organization to cooperatively accomplish the objectives at hand

Contact Address

Ejarra Batu (Ph.D.)
V/President for Research, Community Service and University-Industry Linkage
Harambee University
Mobile: +251930303772/0911381677
Email: nanatibatu@gmail.com

In regard to University-Industry Linkage, the Office has accomplished enormous activities based on the MoU made with those industries. Accordingly, it rendered consultancy services on major industry issues of Taxation, Strategic Planning, Cash Registry, Entrepreneurship, IFRS, ICT, First Aid, Different Management, Kaizen, Deliverology, Linux Operating System, and WEDP (Women Entrepreneurship Development Program). in this instance, it consulted over 11 industries such as Gawane TVET college, Feyissa Ararssa, real state, Ethiopian Red Cross- East Shewa Branch, Sanket Agro Industry PLC, Mukan Flour and Biscuit, Nigussie Chikuala Plastic Factory, Adama Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Association, Moka Software Solution, Fenet Hotel, Hora Sheger Chemicals, and Nigussie Chikuala Import and Export. In technology transfer endeavors, the university has transferred the technology of Hand-sanitizer Production Procedures and Technique Guidelines to some concerned Chemical Industries located in Adama City Administration.