Harambee University Research Thematic Areas

1. Accounting and Finance
The status of record-keeping in Ethiopia
Tax Evasion
Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting in Ethiopia
Internal Control and Auditing
Contemporary Cost Accounting and Cost Management
Integrated Information Systems for Accounting
Managing Business Risk and Performances
Entrepreneurship capacity development in different sectors;
Financial and investment system
Organizational control
Auditing practice
Capital budgeting practices
Performance audit, internal audit, and external audit
Savings across various sectors, etc

2. Management
Change Management
Human Resource Management
Strategic Management
Entrepreneurship and SME Management
Corporate Governance
Performance Measurement
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Ethics and Social Responsibilities

3. Quantitative Methods in Economics and Management
Supply Chain Management
Project Management
Financial Modeling
Information Systems and Management
E-business and E-commerce
Artificial Intelligence in Economics and Management
Logistics Optimization

4. Health
Communicable and non-communicable diseases
Nutrition-related problems
Maternal and child health (congenital, abnormal abortion)
Drug resistance and drug management
Environmental and Occupational health
COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 Vaccination prospects and Challenges
Quality of health service delivery
Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
Chronic Disease
Environmental Health
Food Safety
Health Communication and Information Technology
Health Policy Making

5. ICT Technology Enhancement
E-Library and E-Learning
Mobile Health Care
Information security
ICT for Development
Software Development
Information sharing
Open source development
Promoting e-commerce
Knowledge technology
Fourth Industrial Revolution